Quantum Mechanics量子力学代考物理代写代做

随着量子力学Quantum Mechanics慢慢被大众所知晓,一些围绕着它创作的梗也逐渐流行开来,比如说“遇事不决,量子力学”。而在对其进行调侃的同时,很多人却说量子力学很恐怖。的确如此,代考代写物理学中的四大力学金刚量子力学、电动力学、热力学与统计力学、理论力学理解起来都比较飘渺。

Question 8
The primitive vectors of the face-centred cubic (fcc)lattice are Not yet
a = (a/2)(O,1,1), b = (a/2)(1,0,1) and c = (a/2)(1,1,0) answered
so that points on the Bravais lattice have position vectors,
Rn1,n2,n3 = n1 a + n2 b +n3 c
The constant a is the lattice parameter and n1,n2 and n3 are integers. What is the shortest distance (in units of the lattice para
nneter a,otice have)? [15
the lattice and,for a given point, how many points surrounding it are this far away (ie. how many nearest neighbours does a poimarks]
Select one:

  1. distance= 0.5 a,9 nearest neighbours
  2. distance = a, 12 nearest neighbours
  3. distance =0.7071 a, 12 nearest neighbours
  4. distance= 1a,8 nearest neighbours
  5. distance = 0.5a, 2 nearest neighbours
  6. None of these answers are correct
  7. distance = 0.7071a, 6 nearest neighbours

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